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Comparing Lenses

The best way to see what these lenses do is to look at some comparisons of photographs taken with and without them.

The photographs in this article are all real photos, not touched up in any way, and are taken only using the lenses and accessories available on this website.

* Keep in mind, these are much smaller and lower quality images included for the sake of displaying on the pages of this website.  

The actual quality of the photographs when printed are much higher than you see here.  The purpose of the photos is to give you a rapid idea of the stark contrast
between using the appropriate lens, and not using one at all.


The first thing to clarify is that these lenses are not technically "zoom" lenses.  They are known as fixed focal length telephoto lenses.  They magnify everything in the image the same amount.


In the above photograph several things are obvious.  Firstly the subject of the photograph can actually be seen quite well once the telephoto/zoom lens is being used.  But additionally, the colours are much brighter and more vivid.  This is due to the size of the lens itself, which has an opening many times larger than the lens on your mobile phone.


The above photogrpahs were taken at Wilpena Pound -- a region of spectacular scenery in South Australia.  The photograph on the left shows the image without the lens, and on the right, with the lens.   Not only does the scenery become more 3 dimensional, it is also much brighter and more colourful.


The word "Macro" actual means "large" or "overall", and so often causes confusion as Macro lenses are used to see small things close up.  In photography lenses it is used in the sense that it makes smaller things larger.

If you've ever tried to photograph anything that is only a few centimetres or even millimetres away from your phone's lens you will have encountered a problem.  The lens of your phone focuses on the background or other elements further away, making them nice and sharp, but blurs the closer item you are trying to capture.

The Macro lens (which is part of the 3-in-1 lens sets for each phone) takes care of this problem as you can see in the sample below:


As covered earlier, these photographs are the actual photographs.  No editing or modifications have been made of any kind.  These lenses are actual photographic lenses that do what they are supposed to do.

In the case of the above photos of the lavendar, they were taken using the iPhone 4S and the "macro" lens from the Olloclip 3-in-1 lens set for the iPhone 4/4S.