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Phone Camera Lenses for Real Estate Agents

Are you tired of carrying around a bulky camera and lenses when you know your phone camera can already take some pretty amazing photographs? What if you could make your smart phone photos even better?

Now you can! The latest and greatest thing is real camera lenses that attach to your smart phone and give amazing quality photos.  When you're done they simply fit in your pocket, handbag or briefcase.

 A bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point!                A telephoto that fits in the palm of your hand                              Wide-angle, fish-eye and macro

They are great for all of your personal photos, holiday snaps and family get-togethers, but when it comes to real estate photos they really come into their own!

If you search various real estate websites and listings you will often see bad photographs that are struggling to capture the full view of a room or area that you can see with your eyes.

Or you will see exterior photos that are too distant or grainy or don't fit the whole scene into the frame.

Trying to capture an indoor photo using the "panorama'' software on your phone gives one an overly long wide photo that is too cumbersome to use.

Trying to use digital zoom (artificial without a lens) results in a blurry grainy poor-quality photo.


The above actual photo shows the difference between the photo of a room with a regular lens and a wide-angle lens.  The wide-angle allows you to capture the look and feel of the whole room instead of only a part of it.

You will also notice the lighting in the second photo seems better even though no change in lighting was made.  

Up until now the only solution was expensive cameras and lenses or hiring professional real estate photographers.  Many offices may have one or both of these, but not everyone has access at the same time, and a lot of agents end up using their phone cameras anyway.  

Having professional lenses that simply attach to your phone is not only highly convenient, but also very cost effective.

The lenses available on this website are exact scaled down versions of real camera lenses for a fraction of the cost.  Keep in mind these are actual optical glass lenses and so images are sharp and clear, not fuzzy due to being digitally enhanced.

                                Standard                                                                 Fish-Eye

The above photos give you an idea of one of the uses of the fish-eye lens.  It enables you to capture a scene you can't usually do in a single shot.  The third photo in the below set shows another way the fish-eye lens can be used (in that case a small amount of digital zoom is used to remove the appearance of the outer circle of a typical fish-eye lens photo).

                       Standard                                                 Wide-Angle                                              Fish-Eye

Once you have tried out the lenses you will be amazed at how practical they are, how much better your photographs will come out and how easy and convenient they are to use.


The "zoom" lenses are equally practical and impressive.  Although people refer to them as zoom lenses they are actually fixed focal length telephoto lenses.  They magnify everything in the image the same amount.


In the above photograph several things are obvious.  Firstly the subject of the photograph can actually be seen quite well once the telephoto/zoom lens is being used.  But additionally, the colours are much brighter and more vivid.  This is due to the size of the lens itself, which has an opening many times larger than the lens on your mobile phone.

All of the above mentioned lenses are available for the following phones and tablets. Click on any of these links to go directly to the page that lists all products related to your phone or tablet.